Nothing is stronger than its softness

Maurice Alpaga



Magalie Beaulieu
Owner and founder of Maurice Alpaga

My first encounter with alpacas was during a family reunion at a sugar shack. I fell in love with these big-eyed and charming animals but mostly, it was the extraordinary properties of the fiber that pushed me to begin the Maurice adventure.

Starting as the breeder of the largest alpaca herd in Québec, I then wanted to make the most out of this luxurious fiber and show it off. Passionate artists joined and guided me with their flow of ideas, making it possible to offer exceptional products well adapted to the corporate world. A few months after starting Maurice, I was ecstatic to win the enviable prize of Feminine entrepreneur of the year 2012 at the Concours québécois en entrepreneuriat. With this prize in hand and a strong determination, I secured our first major client: Bombardier Global. Since then, our haute-couture throw has replaced the traditional cashmere throw.  


Innovative approach
luxury, softness, and comfort
22 natural colors
hypoallergenic - unmatched comfort
Outstanding hand-made products from Quebec.



Quebec breeders and artisans

We breed the largest herd of alpacas in Québec at Le Baluchon Eco-Resort. We shear our alpacas once a year. The luxurious fiber is then cleaned and carefully sorted to make high-quality products. With a team of artists and artisans, Maurice creates products with fabulous textures, unique and timeless design, and incomparable comfort. Each Maurice product is unique, designed with passion, and is an art-work in itself.

Alpaca Fiber

Luxurious Fiber

Alpaca wool is often said to be the “Gold of the Andes” because its extraordinary fiber is internationally renowned as of the most luxurious in the world. This high-quality fiber is soft, resistant, warm, and light. Most people allergic to wool will not suffer from these symptoms with alpaca because it does not contain lanolin – it is hypoallergenic. And since each alpaca has a fleece of variable color, we use the 22 natural colors of alpacas so that no artificial coloring is added to our products.


The joy of giving

Maurice offers the flexibility of a small business while adhering to the norms of big enterprises. Whether you are looking for corporate or personal products, we can easily meet your need for distinctiveness and assure a service that will meet your expectations. Everywhere in the world. The joy of giving pushes us to bring a particular attention to the way we present our products. Since your satisfaction is our main motivation, our excellent service becomes an important part of the experience we wish you to have. Offering a MAURICE is offering quality, comfort, and distinction.

Sumptuous Throws

Our throw is a marvel of distinction and comfort.

Each throw has unique colors and is hand-woven by a specialized artisan. It took the work of a passionate team to come up with this fabulous throw.


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Offering a MAURICE is offering quality, comfort, and distinction.

Maurice Alpaga